Performance benchmark for Spring Integration

I was looking for any official performance benchmark for Spring Integration framework,

however was unable to find.

I decided to create my own in order to better understand the framework’s performance ability.

I measured my test on a physical server that has 8 CPU’S.

The producers and the consumers are in the same network on different JVM’SMachines.

The application included two Direct (Queue’s) channels:

Producer1 – > Queue1 -> Consumer1 -> Producder2-> Queue2 -> Consumer2

The message is 6 characters String converted to a ByteArray.

The message measurement starting point at Producder1

For executing 3 million messages:

1. Throughput: ~10,000 m/s

2. Latency:     ~0.1244 ms

Pretty good results compared to the current MQ’s market,


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